In the spirit of ‘Operation Phoenix’, the original landmark wildlife re-introduction and monitoring project that took place in Madikwe from 1992 to 1999, the owners of Morukuru Family continue to give generously since Morukuru Goodwill Foundation started in 2007. They invest in time, staff and other resources towards anti poaching, Rhino protection and predator management, as well as relocation initiatives. A well-known ecologist is a frequent visitor and advisor to Morukuru Family and input from respected experts like him assist us in ensuring that our facilities and operations are ecologically and environmentally sound.

We feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty and tranquility in the African bush, and also by the many wonderful communities with whom we interact on a daily basis. We believe in giving back to Africa – to nature conservation and to the local communities, working with them to educate, mentor and empower.


Over the years we have partnered with local communities in Madikwe, such as Molatedi Village. We work with local dancers, who perform at the Morukuru Family exclusive-use safari houses, our guests donate books for the local library, as well as supplies and equipment for the local schools and through Morukuru Goodwill Foundation additional teachers have been sponsored when required.

Morukuru Goodwill Foundation originally started in Madikwe Game Reserve, but since 2010 this has been extended to include the De Hoop Nature Reserve and neighbouring communities as well. We assist Cape Nature in eradicating Rooikrans, an invasive non-endemic tree that was once used to stabilise the sand dunes in the reserve but now threatens the vulnerable and protected Fynbos. This initiative provides jobs for the local communities at the same time. We have also partnered with the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, sponsoring their Turtle Rescue programme. Click here for a video showing the release of two turtles in the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Thanks to the support and donations of our guests at the Morukuru Family properties we can continue to support the many different projects. Together, we work for the benefit not only of the environment and community, but towards the preservation of one of Africa’s greatest nature and wildlife sanctuaries.